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the popcorn are viewwer reviews along with.the tomatoes are authorities ratings Its not just a "jack", its a "rotten tomato" (or thrown / splatted tomato - depending on the method that you need to consider it) - "The Tomatometer is an aggregated ranking in line with the quantity of film experts who recommend the movie. A New tomato that is red implies possibly a Tomatometer of atleast 60% good reviews, or an optimistic critic critique. A poor critic assessment is denoted by a Rotten natural tomato, or fewer than 60 opinions being represented by perhaps a Tomatometer. Films that have a Tomatometer of 75 and atleast 40 critiques from Tomatometer critics, including at the least 5 from Top Critics, receive a particular designation of Certified Fresh, which seems like a logo around the primary video page." The popcorn package and popcorn container on its area with spilled popcorn (the trashcan seeking tattoo) are consumer ratings calculated inside the same method as previously mentioned above for the tomato evaluations. I suppose the star ranking system was too easy, we needed anything modernistic? You'll see that the superstars are still there, if you'll get another search.

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